Start with an end in mind, but be open to improvement  

The C2R Methodology is a methodology for managing CORE’s own construction projects, which has the advantages of increasing the efficiency of the construction process and the quality of the construction, its adaptability to very diverse geographical environments, the possibility of applying it to any Type of asset to build, its help function to prepare organizations for construction 4.0 and that is not tied to any specific software.

Its fundamental pillars are the feasibility analysis during the preconstruction phase, based on principles of ISO 21500 and the Project Management Institute (PMI), powered by the Lean Construction methodology, supported by the Building Intelligence Modeling (BIM) technology, and reinforced With CORE Lab, for its implementation in projects and organizations.

Using the most advanced tools and techniques to support the best professionals and leadership.

Find out more about what principles, processes, tools and techniques we can adapt to your Project.


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