Have you ever wondered why when you buy a 9 euro calculator you get a 50 page instruction manual in fourteen different languages, while when you buy a 500.000 euro house you only get ten sheets of paper?


As this introductory letter is being written, the worldwide construction industry is going through a deep reconfiguration of how it used to work, especially in the building construction industry. Supported by the fast development of the IT industry, new technologies are allowing an extraordinary detailed planning stage through Virtual Design & Construction systems (VDC, popularly known as BIM) prior to real construction, gaining unforeseen efficiencies during the construction phase, while empowering the end-user’s core business with greater intelligent assets.


Public and Private Developers worldwide are demanding that new Projects are built using these technologies, thus forcing deep changes in all construction stakeholders and creating great opportunities for those capable of finding leading solutions in their own field.

CORE is a non-adversary Project & Construction Management Company set up to allow Owners and Developers to benefit from all the efficiency these new technologies provide during the preconstruction, construction and commissioning phases. CORE will assist clients in managing and obtaining those benefits while committing to the desired results through linking our fees to the project results.


We have set up our business on three pillars: i) best Project & Construction Management approach based on the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK®) principles and its extension to the construction industry, ii) integrated Building Information Modelling (BIM), and iii) the best Project, Construction, Design and BIM Management professionals.


Team and methodology available to join you when delivering your next Project.


By now you’ve probably come up with one of many answers to the calculator question. Fortunately a series with thousands of products is no longer needed in order to amortize these technologies, which will allow the best understanding on how your Project will fit your business or your client’s business up front.


Lets lead this extraordinary change together.


Miguel Tapia Gordon



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